There is no need to increase your costs by the necessity to style the setting

The Best Private Dining On Hilton Head Island (and Bluffton)

Whether it’s a birthday party, an intimate dinner, a business lunch, a corporate event, or a drinks reception, booking a private dining room for your special occasion adds an air of elegance and makes it a memorable event.

Lately, private dining rooms have taken on a whole new level of popularity and here at Frankie Bones we are ready to introduce you to private dining “Our Way” (thank you, Frank).

We have three unique and beautiful rooms for your enjoyment.

On Hilton Head we have the Boardroom which seats up to 40 and Sinatra’s Lounge which can provide an intimate experience for up to 12 guests.

The Boardroom at our Bluffton location offers private dining for up to 70 guests.

What are the benefits of holding your event at a Frankie Bones private dining roomPRIVACY

A lot of restaurants and bars offer semi-private dining spaces, but this is not to be confused with private dining. Both venues can be great locations for hosting special celebrations and events. But the difference, as the name suggests, is the level of privacy.

A private dining room at Frankie Bones is a separate room away from the main restaurant dining area that provides guests total privacy. This makes our private dining rooms great for celebrating in, you guessed it, private. Our private dining rooms are perfect if you want to play a video, have speeches, or invite a secret celebrity guest to your event. They are also good for hosting closed door meetings, product launches, and presentations.


One of the main reasons for hosting an event at one of our private dining rooms is access to restaurant-quality menus and beverages. Holding your event at a separate location or the local American Legion will not reach the level of excellence we can provide.

If you want to impress your guests with a meal they won’t forget, a customized menu, or perhaps a la carte offerings, then hosting an event at Frankie Bones is a sure fire way to enjoy a top notch experience.


At Frankie Bones we always strive for a 5-star waitstaff experience throughout our restaurant. When you eat in one of our private dining rooms you will enjoy a high degree of attentiveness. A team of servers will be specifically dispatched to take care of your room. This attentive care will augment the entire experience. You will only get staff with extensive hospitality experience, excellent customer service, a good knowledge of the menu and drink list, and, as always at Frankie Bones, an enthusiastic smile.


One of the great things about using a private dining room at Frankie Bones is that your event will take place in a classic and elegant atmosphere. There is no need to increase your costs by the necessity to style the setting. Bring balloons if you must, but there’s no need to hire a decorator, the room will be gorgeous and ready upon your arrival.


A major advantage to hosting a private dining event at Frankie Bones is that you won’t have to deal with any disruptions, which is something that can’t always be guaranteed when you sit in the main area of the restaurant. For example, if you are getting together for a special occasion or important presentation which entails speeches or talks, your guests might feel self conscious about people from nearby tables listening in. With our private dining options this is no longer a concern.


If you’ve ever tried to dine out with twelve or more people you know how easy it is to get separated from your group. One large gathering can fracture into two or three separate gatherings. With our private dining you don’t have to worry about whether your group can fit on the restaurant floor or how busy the staff may be that particular night.

We will know ahead of time how many guests to expect and set the tables accordingly. Best of all, there is plenty of room for you and your guests to walk around without bumping into servers or other patrons.


Hosting a business event? You may need a screen to display a slide show or a microphone. At Frankie Bones we have all the audio visual equipment you’ll need to make your event a success.[/vc_column_text]


Stay miles away from taking any responsibility for arranging your party. Along with your guests you can enter our private dining room and enjoy the event. Let us do everything on your behalf from hosting to cooking and serving the food as well as the beverages.

And, of course, leave the best part to us….the cleanup! As soon as the party is over, you can depart with the rest of the guests without any cleanup worries. Just go home and relax after your fantastic event!

The key to a private dining event is all in the execution. We have built a reputation here at Frankie Bones. Our guests know that when they book a private dining room with us, they don’t have to do anything but enjoy the event.

Private dining events are a specialty at Frankie Bones and that’s why we’re known for the best private dining on Hilton Head and in Bluffton.

We have sophisticated private dining rooms for your next party. Take a break from fussing with a menu, decorations, seating, and other tedious chores involved with an event. Instead, leave it to Frankie Bones to host an amazing event that you and your guests will love.

When you book a private dining event with Frankie Bones you will be so happy and satisfied that you’ll want to sing along with Mr. Sinatra: “Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.”

Yes, you will!

“Fill my heart with song, let me sing forevermore.” No question, Frank was the best. Come to Frankie Bones for the best private dining experience you’ve ever had.

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